At Herne Bay High School we value the success of every individual and offer all students an academic experience in line with their ability and interests.  All students, regardless of their grouping, will benefit from the same curriculum, quality of teaching and access opportunities throughout their time at the school. This enables us to create a truly personal approach to education.

Students with particular literacy needs are supported within the ‘Eagles’ group where their literacy based subjects are delivered through one specialist teacher.  Eagles group sizes range from 12-16 and students will be identified through our comprehensive transition process to ensure all students are placed within the correct academic group to provide the appropriate support and challenge. Furthermore students with Special Educational Needs are given extra support through joining smaller groups in the core subjects of English and Mathematics and through receiving in-class support with an experienced professional working alongside the students across a range of subjects.  Varied additional programmes are used to enhance this support such as one to one literacy support and withdrawal opportunities.

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