Collection of Art work from the Art Department

Students will be able to come and collect all of their GCSE, AS or A-level art work from Monday 8th October 2018.
The deadline date for collection is Friday 14thDecember 2018. After this date, the work will be disposed of as the Art department only have a limited amount of storage space.

Please do not email, telephone or try and organize a time to come and collect work from main reception: they cannot contact the art department on students behalf. Students will need to sign in at reception, find an art technician in the art department and they will help locate the work. This can be done from 8.30am - 3.30pm Monday to Friday. Please do not come in during break 10.35am - 10.55am and lunch 12.35pm - 13.20pm as staff will not be available to help. 

When coming to collect work please make sure you collect it yourself as you need to be able to remember and recognise all of your coursework, exam work and oversized final pieces. Make sure you allow 15 minutes to locate all of your work. Unfortunately, we cannot give you the folders your work is currently in - we will transfer the work into black bags so you have a way of carrying the work home with you. Do remember you will have a lot of work – please organise suitable transportation home.

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