DofE Bronze Practice Expedition

After spending some time planning their Bronze practice expedition, which took place over the weekend of 9th and 10th June, our 28 Duke of Edinburgh's Award students successfully completed their routes and camped in the Cranbrook area. Many students were excited yet nervous about the challenges of navigating the countryside and the prospect of having to do this on their own, as well as surviving the weekend without the use of their mobile phones and social media. However, we are pleased to say that all students faced and overcame these tests, passed their practice expedition and are now preparing for their assessed one. 

As part of the training weekend, students were expected to complete a two-day expedition where they completed an average of 12km of walking a day, navigating over the route they had planned. Although some students did find the navigating difficult, they soon began to learn the advanced skills needed to circumnavigate the tricky sections of their routes allowing them to get from one point to another. These skills involved orientating a map, compass bearings, pacing, decision making, teamwork, camp craft and first aid. 

Following the training expedition, Miss Capon commented "I am pleased to say that all students conducted themselves outstandingly throughout the whole weekend and represented themselves, their families and the school to the highest standard. I am very proud of every student who took part in their practice expedition and the work ethic they demonstrated in the build-up and throughout. I am looking forward to seeing these students continue to work on and then achieving their Bronze Award when they complete their assessed expedition on the 20th of July."

We are currently also looking for Year 8 students to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh's award. If students are interested in this opportunity they should see Miss Capon in the PE office for more details.

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