Year 12 Law students visit the Houses of Parliament

Y12 AS Law students visited the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 5 December.  They had a fantastic introduction to Parliament – including a detailed tour of Parliament with the focus on how our laws are made and the history of the development of many of our legal practices. 

After the tour, the students had a workshop in the Parliament Education Centre where they conducted mock debates and had a challenging time answering questions on what they had learnt on the tour and their general parliamentary knowledge.  All participated vociferously! 
Finally, our local MP, Sir Roger Gale joined our students for a Question and Answer session on both Brexit and local issues directly affecting our students in Herne Bay.

The students commented on how refreshing it was that the session comprised a Q and A which gave them an insight into the complexities of government business; the challenges of Brexit and balancing constituents’ desires with financial constraints.  Subsequently, they have been discussing in class their responsibilities as young people to influence policy and the need to participate if they are to make their future work.

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