Boys Dance Company - Chichester University

On Thursday 7th December our Boys Dance Company (BDC) were invited to Chichester University to headline a Boys Day of Dance.

There were 10 schools from Sussex and Hampshire in attendance and the focus of the day was to inspire boys to be involved in dance and to give them a professional platform to experience performance.

Our boys opened and closed the event with two contrasting pieces and then led workshops for the 120 boys present, teaching them a section from their opening dance. The atmosphere at the end when all the boys performed together, alongside BDC, was electric and the audience gave them a standing ovation.

The organisers of the event were overwhelmed by the attitude and ability of our dancers and in a complimentary email described BDC as ‘unique role models’ for other boys who may be inspired to dance.
The head of the University PGCE programme said: “ I hope that you would be willing to showcase again for us next year, I think your boys were better than the professional companies we have had in the past!”


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