RSC Live

This year the school has become a Royal Shakespeare Company associate school, as part of a project in association with the Marlowe Theatre and King Ethelbert’s School. This means that for the next two years, the school will be taking part in a host of projects that will encourage a love of Shakespeare in our students, and will provide outstanding training for teachers to develop ‘active learning’ techniques that they can use in the classroom to support student’s literacy. 

On Thursday 16th November, the entire Year 8 cohort viewed a live broadcast from the Barbican of Shakespeare's ‘Julius Caesar’, performed by an RSC cast.  For the whole morning, our students joined hundreds of schools from across the country watching the performance and taking part in this unique interactive and culturally rewarding event.  Feedback surveys from the event indicate that the students appreciated the experience, and enjoyed the characterisation and action sequences.  The event has been supported by creative writing tasks in English reading lessons, and further practical workshops on the play next term in Drama lessons.

More live events are planned for the rest of the year for other year groups to be part of this unique experience.

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